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We love rum as much as you do, so please be
understanding, if your selection is out of stock.

Admiral Rodney (St Lucia W.I.)

Admiral Rodney Formidable

Admiral Rodney Royal Oak

Angostura (Trinidad and Tobago)

Angostura Reserva

Angostura 5 year

Angostura 7 year

Angostura 1919

Appleton Estate (Jamaica) 

Appleton Estate Signature Blend

Appleton Estate Reserve Blend

Appleton Estate Rare 12 Year Blend

Appleton Estate 21 Year

Bacardi (multiple countries, origins Cuba)

Bacardi Superior

Bacardi Gold

Bacardi Ocho (8 year)

Belmont (St. Kitts W.I) Coconut Rum

Beenleigh (Australia)

Beenleigh Copper Pot

Beenleigh Spiced

Brinley Gold (St. Kitts W.I)

Brinley Gold Coconut Rum Liqueur

Brinley Gold Vanilla Rum Liqueur

Brinley Gold Shipwrecked Spiced

Bundaberg (Australia)

Bundaberg Underproof (UP)

Bundaberg Blenders edition (current vintage)

Bundaberg Black 12

By the Dutch (Indonesia) Batavia ARRAK

Captain Morgan (International)

Captain Morgan Original Black

Captain Morgan Spiced Spirit Drink

Cargo Cult Spiced (Australia)

Chairman’s Reserve (St. Lucia W.I.)

Chairman’s Reserve

Chairman’s Reserve Spiced

Chairman’s Reserve Forgotten Cask

Compagnie des Indes (bottle states origin, International)

Compagnie des Indes Jamaica

Compagnie des Indes Jamaica 5 year Navy strength

Coruba Original (Jamaica)

Cubaney (Dominican Republic)

Cubaney 5 year

Depaz XO Agricole (Martinique)

Doorly’s (Foursquare, Barbados)

Doorly’s 3 year

Doorly’s 8 year

Doorly’s 12 year

Doorly’s XO

Doorly’s 14 year

El Dorado (DDL, Guyana)

El Dorado 3 year

El Dorado Spiced

El Dorado 8 year

El Dorado 12 year

El Dorado 15 year

El Dorado 21 year

El Dorado 151

English Harbour (Antigua W.I.)

English Harbour 5 Year

English Harbour 10 Year

Flor De Cãna (Nicaragua)

Flor De Cãna 4

Flor De Cãna 7

Flor De Cãna Espresso Rum Liqueur

FNQ (Australia)

FNQ Platinum

FNQ Iridium

Foursquare spiced (Barbados)

Germana cachaca (Brazil)

Gosling’s (Bermuda)

Gosling’s Black Seal

Gosling’s Family Reserve

Gosling’s 151

Hampden Estate (Jamaica)

Hampden Estate Pure Single

Hampden Estate Overproof Pure Single

Havana Club (Cuba)

Havana Club 3 Anos

Havana Club Especial

Havana Club 7 Anos 

Hoochery (Australia)

Hoochery Premium

Hoochery Overproof

Hoochery Spiced

Hoochery Cane Royale Liqueur

Husk Cane (Australia)

Inner Circle (Australia)

Inner Circle Green Overproof Pot

Inner Circle Black Label High Proof Pot

J.M. Rhum Blanc (Martinique)

J. Balley Rhum (Martinique)

La Mauny 50 Rhum (Martinique)

Matusalem (Dominican Republic)

Matusalem Classico

Matusalem Gran Reserva

Mount Gay (Barbados)  

Mount Gay Eclipse 

Mount Gay Black Barrel

Mount Gay XO

Mount Gay XO Special Cask Strength

Mount Gay 1703 Master Select

Ratu Spiced (Fiji)

Pampero Especial (Venezuela)

Plantation (bottled in France, International)

Plantation 3 Star White

Plantation OFTD Overproof

Plantation Stiggin’s Pineapple Liqueur

Pussers Navy (Gyana)

R.L. Seales (Foursquare, Barbados)

Santa Teresa 1796 (Venezuela)

Sailor Jerry Spiced (international)

St James (Martinique)

Rhum Vieux

Rhum Royale Ambre

single vintages

& raRe rum


As these are single vintages, once the bottle is gone
we are usually unable to obtain that particular year/blend again. Some of these Rums the distillery is no
longer with us, as with Caroni, Trinidad. Very much
subject to availability.

Please do bear with us if your choice is no longer

Angostura 1824 Original Vintage 12 Year Blend

Bristol Classic Barbados Rum 2003, bottled 2013

Bristol Classic Cuban 2003, bottled 2011

Bristol Classic Caroni 1996

Bristol Classic Nicaragua 1998 11 Year

Bristol Classic Trinidad Light Caroni Blend

Bristol Classic Port Morant Still Guyana 1990

Bacardi Limitada

Bacardi Reserva

Beenliegh Traditional 2004 bottling (Australia)

Berrys own selection finest Bajan Rum

Bundaberg Black 1994 (Australia)

Bundaberg Black 1988

Bundaberg OP Red Label Distillery Workers Vintage

Bundaberg 18 year

Bundaberg 280

Bundaberg Black Barrel 

Bundaberg Distillers No3 2005 bottling

Bundaberg Golden Reserve

Bundaberg 8 Year Special 2007 Release

Bundaberg Founding Fathers

Caney anejo (Cuba)

Chantal comte La tour De L’or (Martinique)

Clairin Casimir (Haiti) 

Clairin le Rocher

Clairin Sajous

Clairin Vaval

Clairin world championship blend

Clairin single cask 21 mois

El Dorado 15 White port cask

El Dorado Single Barrel EHP Enmore still

El Dorado Single Barrel ICBU

Equiano, Rum Ambassador's blend

Foursquare exceptional cask series 2005

Foursquare exceptional cask series Premise

Foursquare exceptional cask series Empery

Foursquare/ Velier Patrimonio

Foursquare/ Velier Pleinipotenziario

Foxy’s Firewater (Free nip if you can produce
a real photo of yourself at Foxy’s bar, B.V.I.)

Havana Club Especial vintage (Cuba)

Habitation Velier Forsyths 2006 WPM Jamaica

Habitation Velier Hampden Jamaica 2011 LFCH

Habitation Velier Last Ward Barbados 2007

Habitation Velier Worthy Park Jamaica

Hoochery Single Barrel Proof (Australia)

HSE Rhum Black Sheriff (Martinique)

J.M. Rhum 1999 (Martinique)

La Fibuste Rhum

Lemon Heart vintage Jamaican

Mainstay Premium Cane (South Africa)

Negrita Light and Dry (French Caribbean)

Old New Orleans #3 (USA)

Old New Orleans Crystal

Pampero Anniversario (Venezuela)

Rivière Du Mat Opus 5 (La Reunion)

Rivière Du Mat XO

Royal Swan Barbados

Transcontinental Rum Line Barbados 2012

Transcontinental Rum Line Guadeloupe 2014 BM

Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica Worthy Park

Trois Rivières Triple Millesime Rhum

Ultimate Finest Rum

Velier Royal Navy Tiger Shark

XM Royal #5


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