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Potions & Suggestive Notions

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Good Morning

Bloody Maria - $16

A classic that needs no introduction. We make ours
with white rum. You are of course welcome to suggest
a spirit of your choice…


Rum Bar Mojito - $16

A long time ago in our rum bar not far away…
With a fast food cup and a beer bottle we
muddled our first. It remains the same.
Voted World’s best, it is the Rum Bar.

Add blueberries/ raspberries/ passionfruit


L.C.R. - $16

Fancy a tipple on Keto? Just say mine’s a
low-carbrojito.. it’s a bit of a mouthful so L.C.R is fine.

Add blueberries/ raspberries/ passionfruit


Nothing says swinging Cuban dance like
a daiquiri. Simple ingredients shaken hard
to wake them up, then strained into an
elegant glass.

Hemingway Daiquiri - $20

Freshly squeezed grapefruit, fresh lime,
luxardo maraschino, Cuban style light rum.

Gayle-Seale Daiquiri - $25

As concoted by Ian Burrel ‘Global Rum Ambassador’ with Foursquare Rum from Barbados, in honour
of the Rum makers. Doorly’s XO Rum, Taylor’s
velvet falernium, fresh limes and bitters.

Rum Bar Espresso Daiquiri - $18

Foursquare spiced rum, Vittoria espresso,
espresso liqueur, house made maple rum syrup.
Move over martini…

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Rum Bar Airlie Beach Facebook is the ideal way to keep your finger on the Rum cork…

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the tiki room

Mai Tai - $25

Feel the funk. We only use very full bodied Jamaican
heritage rums in the classic short serve Californian
Tiki drink. Cheers Trader Vic!

Hampden Estate 8 year 46% Rum. Appleton Estate
12 year rare blend. Ferrand dry orange curacao, orgeat and fresh local lime.


Dark N’ Very Stormy - $16

’A Dark and Stormy should be as dark as a storm cloud that only a fool or a dead man would dare sail under’
Gosling’s Black Seal rum, Brookvale Union alcoholic ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.

Yum Yum - $22

Something blue and a little on the sweet side. A fruity number with Mango, pineapple, accented with
coconut, orange and peach.

Zombie - $22

Many Rums, Absinthe, passionfruit, orgeat and more.

Squeaky in a Tiki - $22

Planter’s punch served in a Tiki mug with fireworks.

Lord Nelson - $40

A Victorious celebration of a libation. Where British Style (Doorly’s XO Barbados Rum) is in the liquid with Spanish Pedro Ximénez and French Ferrand Curacao. Served on an Ice sphere representing our globe and the influence of Rum on the map.

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the Speak easy

Lemon Meringue Martini - $20

Vanilla Galliano, Vodka, Limoncello and toasted Meringue top. A great balance between sweet and citrus

Club Tropicana - $20

Vodka, Lychee liqueur, Orange, Pineapple and Mango juice, Raspberry cordial and Passionfruit pulp.

Passion Punch - $20

Vodka, Peach liqueur, Passionfruit pulp, Apple juice and Lemon juice.

SGT - $20

Bombay Sapphire Gin, Limoncello, Chambord, Lemon juice, Tonic water, Rosemary sprig.

Roco Beach - $20

Coconut Shipwrecked Rum, Peach liqueur, Vodka, Guava juice, Lemon juice.

Flaming Cocktail Rum Bar Fish Dvine
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