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Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Updated: Nov 15, 2019

Ask a local- where is their go-to restaurant?

Food is a staple and when travelling it is often one of the highlights or low lights of your memory, for a particular destination. There are those trips where the journey is all about the #food - think of the amazing holiday destinations such as Tuscany for fabulous Italian, the wonderful lamb from New Zealand or the sublime street food throughout Asia or South America #nomnom.

So, how do you choose where to get the best seafood when in the Whitsundays?

Answer, head in to where the restaurant is full. An empty restaurant indicates that the locals probably don’t eat there and maybe it is not the most freshest of ingredients.

At Fish D’vine, we take immense pride in providing the freshest of local sustainable seafood and the largest offering of Rum near and far. But the key to our success and to your palate salivating, is the passion that each and every one of our team put into their dishes, drinks or service. We genuinely care that you have a wonderful dining experience in the Whitsundays. But be warned, you definitely need to make a reservation.

Fish D'Vine Seafood Restaurant

TripAdvisor, Facebook and other online platforms all offer real guest reviews and images - these are great 'go to's' to help you to make a decision.

Ask a local - where is their go-to restaurant? This should help with your decision making!

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