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Australia's favourite Fish Cafe & Rum Bar

The Rum Bar Story

Celebrating the diversity and fun in global Rum

We at Rum Bar pride ourselves in introducing people into the world of Rum, but above all finding the right Rum for the right drink for the right person! We assure people that there is Rum for everyone and for every occasion.

To say you don't like Rum is to say you don't like music! Rum Bar also boasts an admirable collection of over 450 Rums, including some very rare examples. So from the Rum rookie to the seasoned enthusiast we have a marvellous palette from which to paint your evening. Rum Bar has a solid foundation in classic cocktails, but also prides itself in tailoring to personal tastes, both in cocktails and straight up. We often organise spur of the moment Rum flights around the tropics, with some tall tales and truths of the high seas for good measure!

With our in house Rum tasting sessions, Rum quizzes, international guest speakers, Significant Rum Days (Black Tot Day, etc.), boat launch cocktail parties, street parades, food and drink festivals, charity events, outside catering, television appearances and more we are always up to something.

Does size matter? A large Rum collection is indeed impressive, a talking point and deliciously useful. However any idiot can collect 450 Rums, even in these remote parts of the Coral Sea. Without an acute understanding of the flavours and how they relate; how each one is made; where it comes from; the fantastic history of this monumental, exciting, rebellious, world changing spirit, and a above all the cheeky fun; renders it useless. So grab a pew and of course Rum in the Rum Bar and see what you think...

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